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History of Kaytee, Glass Half Full Goth My love affair with creating began as a child spending every afternoon in my parent's floral and antique shop. As the only daughter of artistic parents with few limitations, my eyes were always able to see the beauty and potential in even the strangest things. On one trip to an auction with my parents, we came home with a rickshaw, a wicker coffin, a king’s sword and scepter, and a laboratory skeleton. Many days like that one fueled my sense of imagination and eccentricity. Over time, my hands and mind have experimented with many forms of creativity that allow me to bring a feeling or an image to life through art that can be shared everyday with everyone around me. Having published multiple books with more on the horizon, the journey to combine words and images to master a “novel-in-poems” never ceases. Drawing from my past as a fine art fair jeweler, the desire to collaborate with other visual artists, photographers, and crafters is a form of hypnosis and it has me under its spell. At this juncture of my life finding my own extraordinary side has been a journey and my stories are screaming to be told. It is with great hope that you may find a piece of my work that will inspire you to be who you are. “Remember to thank those who inspire you.” - Kaytee Thrun Unapologetic Poet - Artist - Storyteller - Bitch - Spoken Word

Discarding the Rag Doll by Kaytee Thrun - eBook Digital Download (EPUB and Kindle formats)